This vest follows from the Iris top, a discreet vest with a twist. Featuring a v-neckline vut and a both playful and colorful back. This vest definitely stands out from the others. Fredrik takes approx 1,5 weeks to make. 

Product Details

490 EUR

  • Unlined

  • Vest

  • Composition 100% Organic Cotton and some wool

  • Dry Clean

  • Handmade in Sweden

  • Model is 171 | Wears a size M



All Tanja’s Crochet garments are handmade and woven with either a 100% Polyamide yarn, an Organic Cotton yarn or a Cotton and Polyamide blend. Polyamide yarn is a high technology yarn that is comfortable and effortlessly chic, has a great memory and confers a spectacular malleability and body contouring. In other words, it hugs the body perfectly.

We are always glad to help with sizing enquires or any other doubt you may have about our styles.

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Technical info

This is the union of ancestral crochet technique with modern ready-to-wear designs. Tanja promotes individual uniqueness, sustainability, and craftsmanship and her clothes provide both comfort and a soft touch in a spectacular textile structure.

Crochet is a manual technique which is composed of three elements, hands, hook and yarn. The construction of crochet is made stitch by stitch. Depending on the piece the weaving process can begin either at the neckline, waist or even sideways. Each style is different but most of them are seamless.

Having each item made by one designer truly ensures that the level of care and expertise is always maintained, and this shows through in all of Tanja's creations.